Let's start here

What I do – I am the rare creative person who is fascinated by all aspects of a business — passionate about finding new ways to create breakthrough ideas, platforms and campaigns that turn brands into cultural pioneers.

In an always-on, ever-changing culture, I use disruption as a catalyst for creative thinking. I thrive when I am leading and developing new frontier projects that create business-building ideas by upturning and challenging industry conventions.

What I've done
– The past decade, I have partnered with both leading and emerging brands and organisations to help them set the vision for their global creative product, encompassing brand development, advertising, design and innovation — the entire brand experience. During this time, I have led and worked with teams to win at every globally recognised competition incl. Cannes Lions, D&AD, New York Festivals, The London International, Clio Awards, Eurobest, Apple App Store Awards, YouTube Creator Awards, festivals celebrating global creative excellence.

What I believe in
– I believe in the power of the collective and always strive to bring an unexpected mix of skills, cultures and backgrounds together. I love learning from passionate people and am naturally triggered to find the best way to transform a group of individuals into a high-performing team. As a people person I strive to infiltrate behaviour with human and empathy-based leadership, because I truly believe you don’t just build a team, you build a movement — right from day one.

What's up next
– Fueled by the possibilities emerging tech can provide at the intersection of creativity and culture, I have immersed myself deeply the past 5 years into the never-ending learning journey of the Web3, metaverse and XR space.

☞ I feel honoured to have worked on global brand development through interdisciplinary creative, design and strategic direction for H&M, Google, BMW, Eastpak, Amazon Prime, Coca-Cola, HBO, Urban Outfitters, Lee Jeans, Random House/Penguin Publishing, Toca Boca, Komono, Liberty Global (Telenet), Child Focus, European Parliament, Mazda, Foursquare, Microsoft, ...

☞ I had the luxury meeting people from all over the world, learning about cultural differences and similarities by facilitating, leading & managing intercultural teams across Europe, The Americas and the APAC region.


  • Forward leaning concepts

    Development of foundational ideas that spark conversation to unlock future thinking as a starting point for creative exploration. Designing a process of experimentation to unlock non-obvious leaps forward.

  • Piloting new initiatives

    Development of ambitious new pilot projects that unlock new areas of business growth in various industries.

  • Strategic direction and holistic thinking

    Creating strategic guardrails for brands and teams to both ground and inspire creative exploration. Developing a holistic vision to create consistent and connected brand experiences.

  • Creative direction and team enabling

    Fostering creativity with next gen multidisciplinary teams through innovation frameworks so bold ideas can be turned into reality. Building, facilitation & management of intercultural global teams 5-100 people.